It was only yesterday that we invited some twenty well-known filmmakers to Tartu and Southern Estonia for a residency to explore the future European Capital of Culture with the aim of finding a place, a person, an environment, and a story that could be a film.

These discovered stories have become eight films, and we invite you to their premieres. On this wild evening, the events will take place in eight locations across Southern Estonia, all streamed simultaneously.

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Evening schedule
16.00 Wild welcome drink and a light snack
17.00 Speeches and connections with other premiere locations, followed by a short break
18.00 Premiere of the film
21.00 Afterparty at Anne sauna

How to get to Sänna Culture Manor?

Sänna Culture Manor is located in Rõuge municipality in Võrumaa. Unfortunately, there is no public transport to the manor, so the most likely way to get there is by car. The bravest amongst you can adventure on foot or cycle from Rõuge and experience the Wild-Wild South in its core.

Address: Sänna mõis, Sänna küla, Rõuge vald


There will be guests who drive to the premiere and might have a free seat. And then there are those looking for transport to get to the premiere. Here is an opportunity to make ends meet, perhaps offering a ride or finding a ride.

Afterparty at Anne sauna

Welcome to the wild afterparty at Anne sauna in Tartu! But the clothes stay on this time, and instead of a sauna, we heat up the dance floor! We welcome DJs from home and abroad. However, we remember to respect the gods of the sauna—we have the opportunity to learn various sauna customs and activities. The evening is encouraged by the Hulkur bar and a selection of street food.

Address: Anne 44, Tartu
Parking is available next to the venue.

Spread the word!

All films are made with great love, and we want everyone in Estonia to see them. Help us spread the word by sharing your emotions about the films by tagging us and using a hashtag #tartudok2024.

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