Hilda Ha. Off the Grid

The film portrays one year in the life of Hilda Ha, a wild and free German woman. She is not the kind of person to stand with a big poster at a Friday For Future demonstration. Instead she saves the planet in a quiet way, living off-grid with her one-year old child in Southern Estonia in a self-built tiny house with no water or electricity. Although it seems extreme, for her it’s the most natural way to live.

Director: Eva Kübar
Cinematographer: Aivo Rannik
Editor: Nele Aunap
Composer: Ann Reimann
Producer: Alvar Reinumägi
Production company: McQueen OÜ
Country: Estonia
Language: German

Photos from the field (photographer: Nele Tammeaid)

Photos from the film

Eva Kübar about the film…

What is this film about?

Hilda Ha. Off the grid is a story about a wild and free German woman who has consciously chosen to live off grid, which gives her a certain financial freedom – when there’s no utility bills or bank loans there is also no need to work 9 to 5.

Where did you get the inspiration for this topic?

I have known Hilda for some years already and from the very first moment her lifestyle has been inspiring for me. It requires a lot of bravery to build a tiny house from scratch by yourself, and secondly I really appreciate her life philosophy and extremely tiny footprint – she consumes very little and leaves nothing behind.

What does the concept of “Arts of Survival” mean for you?

Arts of Survival puts a spark in your eyes and gives you the strength to keep living as a person – whether it’s Seto leelo-singing, hiking in a swamp or keeping chicken. In my film Hilda Ha. Off the grid I’m approaching the “Arts of Survival” in a very modern yet ancient way – living off-grid is very trendy from one point of view but essentially means going back to a place where conveniences we take for granted were not easily accessible.