International Filmmakers Residency

Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival International Filmmakers Residency invited a dozen acclaimed international film directors to Tartu and South Estonia in 2022–2023. Their exploration of small communities and vibrant cityscapes throughout South Estonia will result in artistic ideas for the collection of short films for the Arts of Survival.

Not accepting applications.

Residency programme

Programmes are tailored to match the needs and expectations of each filmmaker-in-residence, and consist of meetings with local government representatives and others who can provide insight into the local communities, and opportunities to explore the local cultural scene and sights, and meet local artists, activists and communities.


The residency provides opportunities for filmmakers to identify ideas for short documentary films about South Estonia. At the end of 2022, the NGO Tartu Filmiselts will conduct an international idea contest, to which all programme residents can submit proposals. Filmmakers who are selected will receive full funding to produce their films for the European Cultural Capital Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival film collection.

Funding & Support

NGO Tartu Filmiselts provides funding to cover the following for each filmmaker-in-residence:

  • accommodation in South Estonia for approximately two weeks (participants are of course welcome to extend their period of stay at their own expense);
  • travel expenses to and from the participant’s country of residence;
  • transport costs within South Estonia;
  • a stipend.


We offer the best possible accommodation in South Estonia in cooperation with our partners. Participants may select accommodation that best matches their needs—options range from apartments in the bustling city to quiet cottages in the countryside. Please indicate your preference in good time so we can ensure appropriate accommodation to match your needs.



Artists are expected to work respectfully and safely. To reflect our values of sustainability, awareness, and co-creation, we expect residents to make at least one contribution to the local film community, whether by conducting a masterclass for the Estonian film industry or through participate in a Media Study Day at a school in South Estonia.

Residents will showcase their film work at Tartu’s art-house cinema, the Tartu Elektriteater, in retrospective evenings. We also encourage residents’ integration into the creative community of Tartu and South Estonia, through dinners with local artists, tours, and cultural and arts events. Residents will work together with NGO Tartu Filmiselts Head of Communication and Marketing in good faith to reach the communication and marketing goals. 

At the end of 2022, filmmakers worldwide can submit their short documentary film treatments to our idea contest on the subject “Arts of Survival”. A jury will choose eight acclaimed filmmakers (four Estonian and four international) to produce their films, that will introduce Tartu and South Estonia in artistically exciting ways. The documentary films will form a unified collection of short documentary films “Arts of Survival”. The application deadline is in december 2022, more information will follow soon.

Residing Residents

Jerzy Sladkowski

Residing in Estonia 25.05-14.06.2022

Andris Gauja

Residing in Estonia 30.07-5.08 ja 1.-7.09.2022.

Viesturs Kairišs

Residing in Estonia 9.-12.07 and in the autumn.

Andrey Paounov

Residing in Estonia 10.-24.08.2022

Einari Paakkanen

Residing in Estonia 12.-25.09.2022

Marc Isaacs

Residing in Estonia in November

Carl Olsson

Residing in Estonia 05.11-24.11.2022

Ulyana Osovska

Residing in Estonia in 25.10.-9.11.2022

Nishtha Jain

Residing in Estonia in Oct-Nov

Filip Remunda

Residing in Estonia 24.11.-02.12.2022

Ulyana Osovska

Residing in Estonia in 23.11-29.11.2022

Tania Anderson

Residing in Estonia in 15.-23.03.2023


Can my partner or other family members attend the residency with me?

Yes, we welcome residents’ family members and partners. Please note, however, that we are unable to cover the costs of those who are not participants of the Arts of Survival Residency.

Can I stay for longer than two weeks?

We welcome you to stay in the region as long as you wish. Note, however, that we are only able to cover accommodation and transportation costs within South Estonia for two weeks. Transportation to and from your home country can be arranged for your preferred dates.