A Perfect Day For Karakat

A karakat is an unsinkable vehicle that every self-respecting resident of the Peipus shore assembles with his own hands. Originally intended to drive the owner to a fishing spot in the winter, today the karakat has become a unique “ice-taxi.” By observing several karakat-men’s routines, we aim to portray a fascinating culture of old-believers, self assembled hybrid vehicles and ice fishing in this part of Estonia.

Director: Andrey Paounov
Cinematographer: Ivan Chertov
Editor: Andrey Paounov
Composer: Märt-Matis Lill
Sound: Ekke Västrik
Producer: Riho Västrik, Elitza Katzarska
Production companies: OÜ Vesilind, Chicken Milk (Bulgaria)
Countries: Estonia, Bulgaria
Language: Russian

Photos from the field (photographer: Heikki Leis)

Photos from the film

Andrey Paounov about the film…

What is this film about?

It’s a film about fascinating self-assembled recycled vehicles on the shores of Lake Peipus.

Where did you get the inspiration for this topic?

I found this story while scouting for fascinating stories and characters on the Onion Route (a special route next to Lake Peipus that offers handicraft workshops, heritage tours, play disc golf, try to conquer Lake Peipus by kayak or sail, or cruise villages).

What does the concept of “Arts of Survival” mean for you?

In the context of our film this is about observing the creative ways that people find in order to cope with the constantly changing world and environment.