The House

The House portrays the residents of an apartment building, observed through its architecture. It observes the city, the human and its conditions, exploring the contrast between us as part of a society and us as singular, identity-seeking individuals. 

Director: Carl Olsson
Cinematographer: Mathias Docker Petersen
Editor: Carl Olsson
Composer: Ann Reimann
Caster: Elina Masing
Producer: Ivo Felt
Production company: Allfilm OÜ
Country: Estonia, Sweden
Language: Estonian, Russian

Shots from the field (photographer: Kerttu Kruusla)

Shots from the film

Carl Olsson about the film…

What is this film about?

The film is an insight into four architecturally identical apartments in the Tartu area of Annelinn, portraying the lives of the people inhabiting them. The similarity between the residents’ architectural conditions is contrasted by the diversity of their individual identities and dreams. The House seeks to explore identity and the human condition with the outset in a concrete shell.

Where did you get the inspiration for this topic?

I think I have always been fascinated about how similar we actually are to our neighbors. We all live in the same cubes, we buy the same groceries in the same shops and so forth. At the same time we live with the idea that we are unique, an idea strengthened by the construction of our own identity. I hope this film will offer the possibility to explore this complex and contradictory relationship.

What does the concept of “Arts of Survival” mean for you?

For me “Arts of Survival” refers to the struggle of everyday life.