The River and A Cat

A dreamlike passage through the architecture of shapes created from light and shadow. This film is a cinematographic attempt to find an invisible city that exists in parallel to Tartu.

Director: Maria Aua
Cinematographer, editor: Maria Aua
Music: Aivar Tõnso
Sound: Ekke Västrik
Producer: Riho Västrik
Production company: OÜ Vesilind
Country: Estonia

Shots from the field (photographer: Aivar Tõnso)

Shots from the film

Maria Aua about the film…

What is this film about? 

Being, Eternity and Perceptual Memories. This is an attempt to capture Tartu through the eyes of a photographer, and my main object of interest is light.

Where did you get the inspiration for this topic? 

The main source of inspiration for my film lies in the work of the painter Imat Suumann. But also Tartu – a city on the river bank.

What does the concept of “Arts of Survival” mean for you? 

I think of the Arts of Survival as the cultural DNA that is passed on spiritually through which we can discover and shape ourselves. In the journey of filmmaking I look for connections and my own heritage in Tartu’s painting.