Meet The Auteur at Elektriteater #4: Einari Paakkanen

24. September, 2022 17:00 |

Tartu Elektriteater

Tartudok2024: Meet The Auteur at Elektriteater is the first Arts of Survival Documentaries event series. This year we are hosting a dozen film directors from Europe in South Estonia, who will bring their best works to Elektriteater. The programme is curated by Arts of Survival Documentaries Artistic Director Kaarel Kuurmaa, who will open a discussion with the auteurs after the films. Our next resident is from Finland, Einari Paakkanen. We will screen his renowned film My Father from Sirius. 

17.00 Screening of My Father from Sirius, followed by Q&A with the auteur. Moderator is Kaarel Kuurmaa.
The event is in English, films have English subtitles. The entrance is free!

My Father from Sirius (2016, 80 min)

Einari’s childhood could have been like that of any other Finnish boy. His father, Veikko, was an ordinary guy with a job at the local tax office and his mother worked as a radio journalist. Everything changed when Einari was 12 years old. His father experienced enlightenment and announced that he was a messenger between Earth and Outer Space. Henceforth, he could see extraterrestrial beings, contact the afterlife and display supernatural healing abilities. Einari became his father’s apprentice and the entire universe seemed open to them. After all, in a past life they had been brothers in Sirius. Now, 25 years later, Einari confronts his father with his doubts. What really happened back then?