Masterclass N°3: Uljana Osovska

05. November, 2022 17:15 |

Tartu Elektriteater

Tartudok2024 invites renowned filmmakers-in-residence to conduct creative masterclasses for the Estonian film industry. These masterclasses will open a window into these filmmakers’ creative principles, working methods and styles of storytelling.

Our next guest is Uljana Osovska from Ukraine, who will talk about the current situation of filmmakers in Ukraine. The masterclass will be after Uljana’s latest film, Tales of a Toy Horse (2022, 72 min), at 16.00 in Tartu Elektriteater.

The event is in English and free! No pre-registration is needed.

Ulyana Osovska

Director, social activist and traveller Ulyana Osovska was born in Ukraine. She graduated in International Economics from Kyiv National Economic University.

Ulyana was an active participant in Ukraine’s revolution of 2014, which sparked her interest in documenting the world through a camera. She debuted as a director in 2015 with the short documentary “Election Agent”. In the same year, she co-founded NGO Docutoloka, which brings together documentary artists and social activists.

Ulyana’s full-length documentary debut “Almost 10,000 Voters” held a World Premiere at the “A list” film festival Warsaw Film Festival (2017) and received the “Best National Full-length Film Award” at Rivne IFF. Her latest work, “Tales of a Toy Horse,” had a successful cinematic release in Ukraine and Estonia and received several awards, among which is the Estonian People’s Award at Pärnu IFF (2022).