Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival Documentaries opens an international film competition

12. Jul 2022 | News

The Tartu 2024 foundation, Estonian Film Institute and NGO Tartu Filmiselts invites filmmakers to take part in a creative contest looking for ideas for short films capturing Southern Estonia. 

The aim of the contest is to find different topics and authors who will present Tartu and Southern Estonia in artistically exciting ways. The short films would be works of their own but at the same time would form a single cultural code – the collection of short documentaries “Arts of Survival”. 

The films in the short film collection are internally divided into two – emic-etic (“inside and outside”) perspectives known from anthropology. As a result, a symbiotic cultural interpretation is born. The perspective of Estonian filmmakers offers a portrayal from a person operating within the culture, storing what is considered important internally, while international directors bring an external perspective to the project. Their cameras capture the socio-cultural processes happening in Southern Estonia from the outside, thus highlighting cultural patterns that are not so clearly noticeable from within while adding unique personal details. 

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