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Photo journey: Maria Aua “Zone”

31. Aug 2023 | Photo journey

The text is written by the film “River and a Cat” director Maria Aua. Photos by the author & Aivar Tõnso. In the spring of this year, I took time off and lived in the city of good ideas for two consecutive months to develop my short film idea there. I have never stayed in…

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Photo journey: Ülo Pikkov’s “Sewing Machine”, recorded with a 16mm camera, tells the story of Pechory through the fate of his great-grandmother

27. Jul 2023 | Photo journey

Author: Ülo Pikkov / Photos: Hanna Bender The text is written by the film director Ülo Pikkov. Sewing Machine is a film about the town of Pechory (Petseri) and its people, told through the life story of my great-grandmother. She was born in 1899 in Pechory, and in 1917, the revolution threw her world into a…

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