Arts of Survival Doc Network

The Arts of Survival Doc Network is a Nordic-Baltic filmmakers’ network that aims to identify challenges facing the audiovisual sector and beyond, as well as to identify gaps between the industry and current modes of interaction with audiences of all kinds. In a series of joint meetings, the Doc Network provides a space that facilitates interaction and collaboration with the intention of identifying the challenges the sector needs to address to become more conscious, connected, resilient, and sustainable.


Cinema as an art form is one of the most influential of artistic expressions. We feel it is important that filmmakers be conscious of the fact that their work has an impact on audiences and, by extension, on the world at large—and we believe this implies a certain level of responsibility. Being conscious of the power of cinema and participating in discussion around the issues and challenges facing the audiovisual sector will help build collaboration and resilience. The future of filmmaking will ask us to adapt to the fast-changing, uncertain realities we are facing. We believe new perspectives will open up to a more sustainable way of problem-solving and adapting to change. By bringing together like-minded people, we seek to create a space to discuss the future of filmmaking together with the underlying aim of building a strong base for future co-productions, increasing resilience for the years to come.